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When you invest in the Australian Dairy Nutritionals Group you acquire stapled securities. Each stapled security consists of a share in Australian Dairy Nutritionals Limited (ADNL) and a unit in Australian Dairy Farms Trust (ADFT). ADNL shares and ADFT units are separate assets for capital gains tax purposes.

Stapled security holders should refer to the ATO’s document titled “Stapled Securities and Capital Gains Tax” to determine their capital gains tax (CGT) obligations.

For capital gains tax purposes stapled security holders need to apportion the cost of each stapled security and the proceeds on sale of each stapled security on a reasonable basis over the ADNL shares and ADFT units. One possible method of apportionment is on the basis of the relative net assets of ADNL and ADFT. The relative net asset split of ADNL and ADFT are set out below:

22 October 2014 100.00% 0.00%
31 December 2014 32.20% 67.80%
30 June 2015 25.67% 74.33%
31 December 2015 27.69% 72.31%
30 June 2016 25.31% 74.69%
31 December 2016 26.69% 73.31%
30 June 2017 25.53% 74.47%
31 December 2017 24.96% 75.04%