Australia’s ASX Listed Vertically Integrated Dairy Producer, Processor and Brand Owner.

Australian Dairy Farms Group listed on the ASX on Tuesday 28 October 2014 with the stock code “AHF”. With the recent purchase of Flahey’s Nutritionals, AHF is incorporating diverse nutritionals products including organic infant formula to the current range of products. Australian Dairy Farms Group (the Group) is a stapled security which comprises a unit in Australian Dairy Farms Trust and a share in Australian Dairy Farms Limited.

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Our Products

Australian Dairy Farms Group is a vertically integrated business

The current strategy of continuous improvement and adherence to quality control are expected to assist in the
achievement of
the Group’s long-term goals and development.

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SPP Offer Booklet

20180920 AHF SPP Offer BookletTo read the SPP Offer booklet, please click on the link: 20180920 AHF SPP Offer Booklet...

Stapled Security Purchase Plan Offer

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Securityholder Input for Group Name Change

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