Australia’s ASX listed Dairy Farmer

Australian Dairy Farms Group listed on the ASX on Tuesday 28 October 2014 with the stock code “AHF”.
Australian Dairy Farms Group (the Group) is a stapled security which comprises a unit in Australian Dairy Farms Trust and a share in
Australian Dairy Farms Limited.

Our Products

Australian Dairy Farms Group is a vertically integrated business

The current strategy of continuous improvement and adherence to quality control are expected to assist in the
achievement of
the Group’s long-term goals and development.

Latest Update

AHF Announces Significant Processing Contract

AHF has announced a significant processing contract. Please read full announcement below: 20180423 AHF Ann_Contract Final...

AHF to produce Organic Infant Formula

Please see below for the announcement about producing Organic Infant Formula 20180326 AHF ASX Ann_Organic Infant Formula...

AHF Strategy Overview Presentation

AHF released it’s 5 year (2017-2022) strategy overview. 20170711 ASX Strategy Overview Presentation...